Investors Desk  
Opportunities for Entrepreneurs/ Investors: Pristine Mega Food Park (PMFP) offers a complete business opportunity for new & existing investor/entrepreneur in the field of Food Processing. We have proposed all primary facilities so that an entrepreneur or investor can start generating revenue in the least amount of time. PFMP provides an opex architecture where entrepreneur or investor can start work on plug and play approach.

The park is part of the Mega Food Park scheme of the ministry of food processing industries (MOFPI) aims to become a direct link between farms and processing units and the consumer market. Entrepreneurs or Investors can add value with proper management and marketing initiatives. The processed food market opens a great potential for entrepreneurs be it fast food, packaged food or organic food. Fresh fruits and vegetables too have a good demand abroad. A good network of food processing units can help potential exporters build a good business.

Traditional Way for entrepreneurship
At Pristine Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd.
Selection of Land
Six to Eighteen Months
Conversion of Land
Three to Six months
Already under Industrial Growth Centre
State Government Clearances
Six to Twelve months
Support for Single Window Clearance
Development of Basic Infrastructure
Six Months to Twenty Four Months
Already Developed
Power Resources
Difficult (Six Months to Twenty Four Months)
Dedicated 12.5 MW HT Connection
Project Funding
Simple (Project is under Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India)
Project Structure
Transportation & Logistics Services
Under developed, inefficient and inadequate
World class services along with proposed Logistics Park adjacent to the project site
Plug & Play
After Eighteen Months to Thirty Six Months
Within six to twelve months (Have to only set-up the processing unit)
Project Implementation Schedule
Twelve to Thirty Six Months
Six months to Eighteen months
Huge Investment
Reduction in Investment up to 50%
Integrated Approach
Separate fielding required for every requisite resources
High Resource Availability due to common pool and integrated approach
Rate of Involvement
100% All hassles will be faced by entrepreneur
Only Limited to core business while other hassles will be faced by the management of PMFP


Master Lay-out Plan of Pristine Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd.